ALL About Me!

Who is Zenni?

Sometimes I feel that my entire life has been a sabbatical. I have been on this spiritual journey for 30+ years. There were times in middle school I was reading charts and doing rituals. 

I have traveled the world and learned in every direction I have gone. I find it an honor to be able to guide lead teach and heal others along the way. 


I am gifted spitually and connected with the cosmos and nature and I am excited to be along your journey as well. You are here for a reason and I am glad that we have connected. It is not a coincidence and defiantly time. 

How many I have helped along the way

4800 +
Readings Done
Rituals Perfomed
I was scared at first taking this step and making a long commitment. After working with Zenni, now I can't see not having her in my life with her knowleadge and the growth I have had since I started.
Transpersonal Counseling Client

Trans Personal Counseling

When it comes to transpersonal counselling, the process takes you beyond the personality and the day to day world and into other areas. This can mean an inward focus (such as body oriented therapies and being aware of the sensations and experiences in the body), embodiment practices (eg meditation and other ways to embody different parts of their personality that often can go shunned), beyond the body (eg what’s occurring your spiritual beliefs— often using the individual’s preferred way of spiritually connecting).

Benefits of Transpersonal Counseling

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